!! (Exclamations)

!! (Exclamations)

Inspired by punctuation, here’s a poem for your perusal:
Uh-Oh! Oh No!
Egad! So Sad!
Exclamations fill the gaps,
Conveying our response to ills.
They are not a memory lapse.
Wow! Indeed! I don’t know what to say!
Awesome! Not Bad! Outstanding! Hey!
Supportive salutations,
Our words, reflective acts
Convey congratulations,
Worthy pats on our backs.
Exclaiming is a shout out loud
Expressing our delight.
Woo Hoo! Whoopee!
Xena’s Yah Yah Yah just before a fight.
But I wonder how an Angel
Exclaims when things go right?
For heaven is our final bliss.
Exclamations, all the glory!
Such a simple punctuation
Rapts up our earthly story.
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Combining photography and poetry this week…

The moon was full as I drove past St. Katharine Drexel Catholic Church and the road empty, so I stopped and rolled down my window, snapping two shots, knowing full well my little phone camera would probably not do the scene justice.  See what you think♫♪

Inspire Me Monday




Perfection, attained twice in this world-
I feel prompted to point this out.
With all the ideals we aspire to unfurl
It’s been done, twice by my count.
First, just after time began
When creation was complete
God Almighty rested after seven spans
Not one iota needed to be added, it was sweet.
The other time?  When Christ sat,
Indicating His job completion.
Nothing more was required, that was that!
His deeds culminating in The Resurrection.
So far there have been two times of perfection.
We strive toward heaven, knowing it is won.
Christ rose from the dead, securing mankind’s salvation.
Our future secured, may we now focus on adoring the One who got it done.

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Welcome to April♫♪

Satan’s Standing Room

Mostly for the Easter season, but also to participate in a couple of blog hops,

I wrote a poem…
The abstract is melting snow crystals that I enhanced with blue….

It seemed to suit the poem.

Inspire Me Monday – week 64

Satan’s Standing Room
‘No rest for the wicked’
So the saying goes
As a gleeful Satan runs to and fro.
With access to the very inner circle,
Our Satan tattles his tales
Of never ending woes, of all that fails.
Meanwhile, the One rests at the Right Hand
Sitting, relaxed, knowing all his heirs are tools
Biding time in heaven, awaiting His footstool.
For Hell will be standing room only
No rest, nor relief, no way to cope.
When Christ sat down, his work finished,
Redeeming mankind, our true hope.
 Happy Easter Everyone♫♪
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X Spots The Mark

Poetry and a cautionary tale equals: X Spots The Mark

Participating in Alphabe-Thursday letter X
Click the link for a variety of eXcellent blogs♫

Silky smooth talker
Phones you with the op.
To get in quick,
  Make your money thick
A chance that’s unique,
 (He knows what makes you weak.)
Your questions, he has answers
He’ll even stop you
To give you his reference number.
 Check it out at your convenience.
(Knowing all the while, it’ll never be researched.)
He’ll get back to you within the week.
This opportunity’s reached its peak!
You become the balker.
The investment price makes you stop.
‘Well, wait awhile, just got a text,’
Says our mysterious mr. X
‘My supervisor is at my side
 With a discount only he can provide.
You’re uniquely situated!
We can accommodate.’ You feel it’s fated.
‘Send the papers, here’s my card…’
Total transaction is not hard.
Everyone feels gratified
Until you need to be clarified.
X is off this week (or year)
And from him you’ll never hear
His money’s pocketed
You’ve been soaked
Buyer beware
Is never a joke.


An entry for a contest on the All Poetry site…I was given the prompt KISS, so yeah….I went there♫♪


I am
an affirmed
chocoholic whose
obsession with Hersheys
makes this particular prompt
easy peasy since I was assigned
the word KISS for my actual alphabet
choice for the letter K…Oh wait! I must go
get a foil wrapped Kiss before I complete this.
Happy Fall♫♪

Can’t wait for this political malarkey to be over and done with

A contest entry for the All Poetry site where the word RED had to be featured, and I thought I’d participate in Miss Jenny’s Saturday Census series♫
Saturday Centus-Blah, Blah, Blah

Can’t wait for this political malarkey to be over and done with…Blah, Blah, Blah
Ratings prompt the news
Sound bytes
Readying your views
Favored pundits
Champing on their cues
Results: Red!
Your furrowed head
Indelibly lined and hued
Happy Fall everyone♫♪

Contests in Cyber Space

An entry for ABC Wednesday

I have joined a poetry site (allpoetry.com)  and find I really enjoy entering contests, posting my own pieces, commenting on other’s work, and getting feedback for myself.  Plus I get inspired reading others skillful phrase confections♫

Here’s my entry for a prompt simply stated as HOME, but it had to be 20 words or less!

Can I Go Home?
Barbed wire fences define the lane.
Insight at sunrise dissolves the pain.
Decision is made. I’ll go home.

Nope, I didn’t win any gold, silver, bronze, or honorable mentions….I did enjoy the challenge♫♪

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