Combining photography and poetry this week…

The moon was full as I drove past St. Katharine Drexel Catholic Church and the road empty, so I stopped and rolled down my window, snapping two shots, knowing full well my little phone camera would probably not do the scene justice.  See what you think♫♪

Inspire Me Monday




Perfection, attained twice in this world-
I feel prompted to point this out.
With all the ideals we aspire to unfurl
It’s been done, twice by my count.
First, just after time began
When creation was complete
God Almighty rested after seven spans
Not one iota needed to be added, it was sweet.
The other time?  When Christ sat,
Indicating His job completion.
Nothing more was required, that was that!
His deeds culminating in The Resurrection.
So far there have been two times of perfection.
We strive toward heaven, knowing it is won.
Christ rose from the dead, securing mankind’s salvation.
Our future secured, may we now focus on adoring the One who got it done.

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Welcome to April♫♪


Prose….For Halloween

According to  the ordinary form of spoken or written language, 
without metrical structure, as distinguished from poetry or verse.
Participating in Inspire Me Monday
as well as ABC Wednesday Letter P
                                        A blob in need of ears…….grew some
                                         A head in need of eyes…..grew some
                                           A chin in need of teeth….grew some
                                          A neck in need of torso….grew some
                                        A chest in need of hair…… grew some
                                      A waist in need of guts………grew some
                                     A derriere in need of legs…….grew some
                                   A pair of legs in need of feet…. grew some
                                A set of feet in need of toes……..grew some
                            A mind in need of thoughts,
And now to segue into hedge-apples, the brainy looking product of the Osage Orange Tree…
for more about hedge-apples:



This time of year you can find them along roadsides….get at least ten for your house!



This one is on the back of my commode, but I usually place them in bowls hidden in the corners of all my rooms…




See them hanging from the tree? 



They will repel spiders for about 4 months.  Mice aren’t too keen on them either, so I  place one on each side of my garage door…The fresh green will turn brown and will become hard in the bowls.  
Toss them or compost them.