Satan’s Standing Room

Mostly for the Easter season, but also to participate in a couple of blog hops,

I wrote a poem…
The abstract is melting snow crystals that I enhanced with blue….

It seemed to suit the poem.

Inspire Me Monday – week 64

Satan’s Standing Room
‘No rest for the wicked’
So the saying goes
As a gleeful Satan runs to and fro.
With access to the very inner circle,
Our Satan tattles his tales
Of never ending woes, of all that fails.
Meanwhile, the One rests at the Right Hand
Sitting, relaxed, knowing all his heirs are tools
Biding time in heaven, awaiting His footstool.
For Hell will be standing room only
No rest, nor relief, no way to cope.
When Christ sat down, his work finished,
Redeeming mankind, our true hope.
 Happy Easter Everyone♫♪
All Rights Reserved.  Please ask permission for use of any part of this post, thanks.

One comment on “Satan’s Standing Room

  1. Gosh, I don’t believe in Hell, but this did not stop me from enjoying the poem completely. The idea of “standing room,” Satan’s frustration… all so vividly portrayed.

    In the Bible, there’s a reference from Jesus to chaff being cast into Gehenna, where the fire never ceases to burn and the worm never dies. Most folks call that Hell. It was actually the name of the garbage dump outside Jerusalem’s walls!!

    But I used to believe in Hell. And there is a kind of Satan on earth… wears Armani silk suits, peddles crack and meth. THAT is my idea of Satan. Thanks so much for this! Love, AMy

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