Ordinary Words…’Max Forward’

One step at a time: Moving forward…maximizing forwardness

How does one take ordinary words and change policy?  Contact the right people?  That helps.
Create a ground roots swell of interest?  Also helpful, but requires some skill and luck.
Create a facts page so that the policy that needs an upgrade has all the right info on it…ok that takes some research….

Here’s my idea: When FEMA is involved in funding for rebuilding homes, why not make sure all new home construction includes the recharging stations for electric cars?  Just like any appliance that needs special outlets/hook-ups (stoves and gas dryers), include the ability to charge an electric car. Make it easier for folks to own/use a glorified golf cart for their short errands.  By  implementing such a policy, we can move off the dependence for oil, update our infrastructure,  encourage more usage of electric cars, have an entire community on the same page for conserving energy, maybe even an entire seaboard…I’m a dreamer……

Maybe such a plan of action is already in the works.  If not I think it should be so here’s what I’d like you to do.

Use any social outlet you have and hashtag it with this message:

Lessen oil consumption by upgrading Gov’t home disaster policy to include electric car charging stations in those homes. #MaxForward

I’d very much like to see what kind of consequences are the result ♫


One comment on “Ordinary Words…’Max Forward’

  1. I’m not on Twitter, but I’ll explore through activist network. I’m not sure whether the owners of FEMA houses will be able to afford hybrids/electric cars, but damn, it’s a great idea, hon. Also, the more “outlets” (we have an electric charging station at our local coop), the cheaper the cars will get… and in the end, it’s all about outsmarting oil companies and refusing to buy anything that doesn’t depend (at least solely) on fossil fuels. Thanks for a thoughtful post. Peace, Amy

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