New Year’s Eve

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Valerie Viane lends her talents to my lyrics….The song speaks for itself♫
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New Year’s Eve

On a whim

He went in

To perhaps see his tomorrows.

She grasped his hand and peered at him.

Here’s the sign.

Your life line

Indicates some pain and sorrow.

But heed my words before you leave


“Beware of New Year’s Eve,

Don’t stray from home. Don’t leave.”

He went out

With some doubt

Whether she was really psychic.

But not to take the chance with his route,

Every year

He’d stay near

Giving reasons quite sporadic,

But nothing bad or sad would occur.


Never harmed,

He felt charmed

So he lived his life more freely.

He wrestled with success-he strong armed.

Wheeled and dealed,

Was well heeled,

Took a wife and had a family.

But he grew bored so he played the field..


She’d been his friend,

Through all trends.

Then she turned into his lover.

Divorced, laid off with no dividends.

Their life was tough,

It was rough

Even when they lived together.

His life became a web to unweave.

So he told her the prophecy.

“Beware of New Year’s Eve.”

She laughed and pulled his sleeve…

“I was born on New Year’s Eve


All Rights Reserved.  Please ask permission for use of any part of this post, thanks.

One comment on “New Year’s Eve

  1. What a talented woman! I love the last line… beware, hardly. Tailor made for each other, in my opinion. Thanks, and peace, Amy

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