Mosaic Mosaic

Can’t help during this Lenten season to focus on a spiritual theme….A poem for your perusal:
Linking to Alphabe-Thursday Letter M

Mosaic Mosaic
When Moses moseyed into the desert and served
With a mosaic of rag tag peoples,
His leadership, style, and presence: reserved.
He, a conduit between mankind and temples…
A mere glimpse of all mankind in those desert years-
One tiny nation set aside and preserved.
That mosaic imbued with commandments and fears
Showing humans could never be God deserved;
Because mercy, grace and love rule the mosaic,
Only God can mesh the human and Spirit.
His Son did the weaving, scripturally prosaic.
All that’s required of us: just believe it.
Yes, we make up the bits and pieces
Of Christ’s holy mosaic.
Now shine, as your tiny bit meshes
With the total picture: the perfect Mosaic.
Lent, Valentines Day, President’s Day…February holds lots of celebrations♥

One comment on “Mosaic Mosaic

  1. This is beautifully written…wow! Kudos to you.

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