Ordinary Words…’Max Forward’

One step at a time: Moving forward…maximizing forwardness

How does one take ordinary words and change policy?  Contact the right people?  That helps.
Create a ground roots swell of interest?  Also helpful, but requires some skill and luck.
Create a facts page so that the policy that needs an upgrade has all the right info on it…ok that takes some research….

Here’s my idea: When FEMA is involved in funding for rebuilding homes, why not make sure all new home construction includes the recharging stations for electric cars?  Just like any appliance that needs special outlets/hook-ups (stoves and gas dryers), include the ability to charge an electric car. Make it easier for folks to own/use a glorified golf cart for their short errands.  By  implementing such a policy, we can move off the dependence for oil, update our infrastructure,  encourage more usage of electric cars, have an entire community on the same page for conserving energy, maybe even an entire seaboard…I’m a dreamer……

Maybe such a plan of action is already in the works.  If not I think it should be so here’s what I’d like you to do.

Use any social outlet you have and hashtag it with this message:

Lessen oil consumption by upgrading Gov’t home disaster policy to include electric car charging stations in those homes. #MaxForward

I’d very much like to see what kind of consequences are the result ♫


New Year’s Eve

[audio https://dl-web.dropbox.com/get/New%20Year%27s%20Eve%20MP3/New%20Year%27s%20Eve%201.mp3?w=AAC07Cz0AmZB2zrREqWMbxu2J4OYbeqUVIFvBAOAs8XjPw .mp3]


Valerie Viane lends her talents to my lyrics….The song speaks for itself♫
Having trouble getting the audio to link properly!!
Access the tune at the top of my song page

Linking to Alphabe-Thursday letter N

New Year’s Eve

On a whim

He went in

To perhaps see his tomorrows.

She grasped his hand and peered at him.

Here’s the sign.

Your life line

Indicates some pain and sorrow.

But heed my words before you leave


“Beware of New Year’s Eve,

Don’t stray from home. Don’t leave.”

He went out

With some doubt

Whether she was really psychic.

But not to take the chance with his route,

Every year

He’d stay near

Giving reasons quite sporadic,

But nothing bad or sad would occur.


Never harmed,

He felt charmed

So he lived his life more freely.

He wrestled with success-he strong armed.

Wheeled and dealed,

Was well heeled,

Took a wife and had a family.

But he grew bored so he played the field..


She’d been his friend,

Through all trends.

Then she turned into his lover.

Divorced, laid off with no dividends.

Their life was tough,

It was rough

Even when they lived together.

His life became a web to unweave.

So he told her the prophecy.

“Beware of New Year’s Eve.”

She laughed and pulled his sleeve…

“I was born on New Year’s Eve


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Mosaic Mosaic

Can’t help during this Lenten season to focus on a spiritual theme….A poem for your perusal:
Linking to Alphabe-Thursday Letter M

Mosaic Mosaic
When Moses moseyed into the desert and served
With a mosaic of rag tag peoples,
His leadership, style, and presence: reserved.
He, a conduit between mankind and temples…
A mere glimpse of all mankind in those desert years-
One tiny nation set aside and preserved.
That mosaic imbued with commandments and fears
Showing humans could never be God deserved;
Because mercy, grace and love rule the mosaic,
Only God can mesh the human and Spirit.
His Son did the weaving, scripturally prosaic.
All that’s required of us: just believe it.
Yes, we make up the bits and pieces
Of Christ’s holy mosaic.
Now shine, as your tiny bit meshes
With the total picture: the perfect Mosaic.
Lent, Valentines Day, President’s Day…February holds lots of celebrations♥

Lenten Hymn


Lent begins February 13th, Ash Wednesday. Joining Alphabe-Thursday Letter L this week, as well as Inspire Me Monday
Here’s an instrumental and lyrics to address the occasion ♫♪

Or access the instrumental on my song page: I seem to be having technical difficulties with the blog audio!

Turn Away
A Hymn for Ash Wednesday
1. Turn away from sin and
follow the Gospel says the
one applying ashes
to your forehead Ash Wednesday.
Heed and obey. Just let the
(Turn away, turn away……turn away)
Lord come and stay in your heart.
Let the Spirit lead you
Home to the Lord. Repent and
Turn away from evil.
Follow the Gospel to do
Good in your life.  Seek peace
And a clean heart.
2. Mark of the cross is on you
Ash from the past has found you
As you make your way back
Into the pew this Wednesday.
Read to know more. Open your
(Turn away, Turn away,…… turn away)
Mind and explore what faith is
Let the Spirit lead you
Home to the Lord. Repent and
Seek God
Turn from selfish actions.
Tend to your response
To His call to reunite your
Heart and soul.
God has a plan of action
Pay His son close attention.
He is your heart’s attraction
Clear your heart’s main affection.
Make an examination
Call to reunite your heart and soul.
Follow the Gospel and just
turn away sin.
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