Reminiscing over this past September’s wedding events♫♪

Joining Jenny Matlock’s Alphabe Thursday Letter J
The Photo Gallery:Adventure

Weekly Photo Challenge: Love

and Saturday Snapshot


Over the river and through the woods…

Oh, how that Jeep endured the many broods!

Family, friends, through all types of moods.


Two Hundred acres of timbered trails

Hauling fire wood, camping gear, through the dales,

Exploring, fording streams, passing all the trials.


Until, bumperless, with holed floor boards, no window shield,

Battery burned out, no longer able to pull sleds over the field,

Was put into storage, no power to wield.


Dilapidated, de-palpitated, unable to come to life…

Hauled away, stored at my brother’s and his wife.

Then, a daughter’s engagement, and an idea come to life.


Who knew my brother had the skill?

T’was up to the last minute for him to fill the bill.

Success!  It runs again to escort the Bride… Doesn’t it look swell!!!

Happy Trails♫♪

FYI: The Forever stamp goes up a penny Jan. 27….stock up now!

5 comments on “Jeep!

  1. Zen says:

    That jeep is classic! I mean only a few would use that as a bridal car.. 🙂

  2. I LOVE the red jeep! What a clever idea for a wedding. Have a great Sunday!

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