Homonym Homilies: Err, Air, Heir

The title speaks for itself♫♪

Participating in Alphabe-Thursday letter H
Homonym Homilies: Err, Air, Heir  
Errors arrow their ways into our souls,
Marking misery as penance, the tolls.
Mistakes, masking the temptations of the flesh
Pounds its power into our subconsciousness.
Breathe briskly but for a moment, to spare…
For becoming a blessing, a witness to share
As God’s grace and Holy Spirit, fills you to the brim
Awaiting His arrival, with trumpet blast, the din.
Heaven holds only those who claim their inheritance.
Unfathomable glory greets the inhabitants.
The Son shares all as our brother, from the Father.
 Words from The Word, we have to encourage one another.

2 comments on “Homonym Homilies: Err, Air, Heir

  1. Where would we be if others weren’t here to encourage us?

  2. So glad to hear the flu has left your home…hallelujah!

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