Xecuting Perfection

A preachy poem, to participate in ABC Wednesday….check out the other X entries!

Executing Perfection 
Of all the executions to which Christ could have succumbed
Have you ever understood that crucifixion was the only one?
An executioner was needed for that particular tortured death.
All other forms, one could execute on oneself, to stop one’s breath.
Stoning? Pull out the corner stone of a fragile wall.
Hanging? A rope, a belt, a stool from which to fall.
Immolation? Gasoline and a fire stick
Suffocation? A plastic bag will do the trick.
The list goes on and on for one to commit suicide.
 So why was it that crucifixion
Was the method of execution perfection?
That is for you to ponder, for you to decide.

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