Change Is In The Air

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1. Listen in as I tell a tale
Of why change is in the air..


Feel the shift
Of attitude and understand my place.
I have learned
The ultimate in understanding grace.
2. Used to be that I thought my plans
Were the ticket out of here.
My puny plan just would not congeal.
But I kept on,  I’d persevere.
3. People prayed that I’d find my way
But I scoffed at them. They were weird.
I walked a straight line and faked the good life but
 I really never really understood.
 Always set the cart before the horse
Instead of just believing.
Evidence is all around me.
Now I have the chance
To change my core.
Revised refrain:
Feel the lift
Of attitude and understanding grace
I have learned
The ultimate in knowing my own place.
4. Daily now I look up to the sky,
I imagine how He’ll appear.
I see the world thru diffr’ent eyes,
The chaos holds no appeal.
5. Navigating thru my life of trials
Is easier you can see.
The change in me is so much better now,
no regrets and no “what ifs “ for me.
Revised refrain
Change is in the air 6X

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2 comments on “Change Is In The Air

  1. Beautiful. A poem or a song? Of course it could be either! That’s a good thing.

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