Universal Truth

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T’is the season to talk about Christ and his birth, but more important is his Resurrection, thus I offer a poem:

Universal Truth 
For your perusal, contemplation:
The Resurrection verses Creation…
Of the two, The Resurrection is the bigger deal.
It was more intimate, personal, more real.
You see, creation is merely an equation
Arranging time, space, elementation.
But to cover the sins of all mankind
Took deep thought, sacrifice, a caring mind.
So the power expended was greater indeed.
We are to think on these things, in time of need
Actually, you should think it daily, today, tomorrow…
You’ll not regret it; it will lift your sorrow.
OK, I totally made up a word, poetic licence and all…
elementation: the adhesion of all physical laws in nature.
Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, Cheers♥

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