Raspberry Rain

My daughter has begun making up her own piano pieces and I really liked this tune, so I added some instruments and lyrics:  this is the resulting instrumental♫♪
Then I worked on a rainy Saturday and took some photos through my windshield without the wipers going….my postal truck’s big windshield makes for a great filter!!!
Participating in ABC Wednesday-Letter R
Raspberry Rain
1. It must have been a blustery day 
That threw you in my path to stay.
You make me feel these pelts of rain
That mark my heart with dripping stain.
The gripping storm defines our ties.
The maelstrom strikes beyond your lies.
But I’m not past our drama-rama.
Raspberry rain
Heart soaked with stain
Drizzled with pain.
2. Who said parting is such sweet sorrow?
Words I hoped never to borrow
  Sugar coated rotten tastes
Have caused myself to go to waste.
You’ve ruined me, so here’s the deal
I need time, some time to heal.
My heart’s been crushed to jam-a-rama
Raspberry rain
My heart’s down the drain
Splashing through deep puddles
Pulls me under
Cold and to the core
I’m drowning In this downpour
Floods of fallen tears
Break all my barriers…
3. I thought you were protecting me
But I’ll adjust, I’ll learn to be
observant of how things are done
And look out more for number one
I can’t depend, I won’t depend
On being sheltered from the rain.
You can’t be my umbrella fella
Raspberry rain
Heart soaked with stain
Raspberry rain
Heart soaked with stain
Drizzled with pain.
I’ll not be your drama momma…
All Rights Reserved.  Please ask permission for use of any part of this post, thanks.



One comment on “Raspberry Rain

  1. I liked this song…very heartfelt…

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