X Spots The Mark

Poetry and a cautionary tale equals: X Spots The Mark

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Silky smooth talker
Phones you with the op.
To get in quick,
  Make your money thick
A chance that’s unique,
 (He knows what makes you weak.)
Your questions, he has answers
He’ll even stop you
To give you his reference number.
 Check it out at your convenience.
(Knowing all the while, it’ll never be researched.)
He’ll get back to you within the week.
This opportunity’s reached its peak!
You become the balker.
The investment price makes you stop.
‘Well, wait awhile, just got a text,’
Says our mysterious mr. X
‘My supervisor is at my side
 With a discount only he can provide.
You’re uniquely situated!
We can accommodate.’ You feel it’s fated.
‘Send the papers, here’s my card…’
Total transaction is not hard.
Everyone feels gratified
Until you need to be clarified.
X is off this week (or year)
And from him you’ll never hear
His money’s pocketed
You’ve been soaked
Buyer beware
Is never a joke.

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