Light House

Light House

Recently visited the Montauk, NY Light House which inspired me photographically as well as poetically.I’m rather please with my results♫What metaphors might you see in this piece?I used the charcoal sketch effect from Big Huge Labs, the FX selection.

Joining in with ABC Wednesday letter L
Alphabe-Thursday letter T for TALL
and Saturday Snapshot
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                             dark…                                  Bright…
.                                                       Bright…
                                                            Bright…      Bright…      bright…     dark
Sturdy souls
Circular stairs
Watch tower power.
Warning/ beckoning
Treacherous shoals
Solitary life is led.
Equipment tending
Life saving, sending
Distress calls, attending
Battered men.
Foggy evenings
Mournful soundings
Crashing waves upon the shore.
How lightly can one tread?
How long for words unsaid?
Humming motor, constant thread
The Light House stands immobile.
Historical monument, beacon of the moment
A Tall, House of Light…
Spiking the dark with Good News that Christ pierces the night.
All Rights Reserved.  Please ask permission for use of any part of this post, thanks.

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