Ordinary Words

Wrote a song,
published a poetry book,
maintain a Face Book page… all by under the  name ORDINARY WORDS….here’s the instrumental along with the lyrics….

What extraordinary words can you come up with?

For more Os check out Alphabe-Thursday-O

Ordinary Words
1. There should be no such
Word as ordinary
Since it can’t apply to you.
Our  vocabulary
Works inadequately
When I try describing you.
Words are my life
And I’m at a stand still
Stuck  with mere tools of my voice.
So let’s start from scratch and
Make up new rules so that
I have a much better choice.
Ordinary words are weary
Regular vocabulary
Never will do justice to the
Way I must express myself.
I’ll throw out the dictionary.
Build a new vocabulary.
Ordinary word won’t make its
Way back onto my bookshelf.
~so ordinary, so ordinary, such ordinary words~
2. Normal dreams are not
Ever ordinary,
‘specially when they include you.
Catch my dreams in a net
From a dictionary.
In its web only are bits of you.
You are splendiferous, awesomely nifterrific, exponensously superb.
3. Every day is not
To be ordinary
Now that I am around you.
Oh yeah, All my days I’ll be
Searching dictionaries
As I try describing you.
So ordinary, such ordinary words I don’t wanna hear.
Take these ordinary words and make them into words I can really hear
All Rights Reserved.  Please ask permission for use of any part of this post, thanks.
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Posted by Lmkazmierczak 

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