This instrumental’s intro has a music box feel….

E is for Encounter for ABC Wednesday


1. Chance encounter, mis-encounter
Our encounter seems so doomed.
Close encounter, best encounter,
Love’s encounter is assumed
Our paths seemed so star crossed
But fate has played a trick on us.
2. Kiss encounter, tryst encounter
All encounters with you are
Choice encounters, bliss encounters
My encounters with you are
Filled with ecstasy, my love
I had never dreamed this kind of love.
3.Quick encounter, scant encounters
Our encounters seem too brief
Mad encounter, Sad encounters
Our encounters meet with grief
Is it coming to an end?
Will we just remain as friends?
4. Meek encounters, weak encounter
Tense encounters face us as
Calm encounters, clear encounters
Glad encounters claim us. Oh
We have made it through the rough
Our encounters were enough.
5. How do you like my little list of encounters?
All life is like my little list of encounters…..
All Rights Reserved.  Please ask permission for usage of any part of this post.  Thanks

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