Wasn’t sure I wanted to post such solemn lyrics, but with a lot of kids heading off to college, and just the general transition to the fall routine, I thought why not?  The instrumental is also a departure since it uses the computer generated chant sounds that also gives it a more serious tone. It is at the top of my song page list this week… I’ll let you judge how much of a downer it is, or just contemplative ♫♪
1. I lie awake at night thinking of my life.
I’m grateful you’ve been part of
My life.
Pills keep the pain stemmed but
Can’t keep the tears brimmed I know how this adds extra
Departure can make one’s heart heavy.
I’ll pray that you’ll be strong and steady.
2. Just think of me going on some long journey
Where I’ll be content and be
I leave behind loved ones
My soul mates through sad times. Remember our glad times
With me.
3. Reminisce after I have long departed
I know that you will not forget
You’ll get on with your life, adjusting past these times.
Now hold and hug me and
Love me.
Your life will go beyond these tears.
I will be one with the universe.
 For hopefully more uplifting letter D entries try out these blogs found at  ABC WEDNESDAY

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