House Of The Lord

Presented here are lyrics to a choral piece.  Another song my daughter recorded and can be found at the top of my song page site this week.
Linking to Jenny Matlock’s Alphabe-Thursday Letter H
House of the Lord
References…Luke 6:36, John 14:2, Matt 7:26, Josh 24:15
Why call me “Lord, Lord”
And not do as I say?
He who hears my words but acts not with his deeds
Is like one who builds on the sand whose house will find ruin.
Build upon solid ground and you will find peace.
Floods may come crashing down but they will not crush you.
My house will stand the storm
If you believe.
My house has many rooms for each of my followers.
Come dwell in my house of hope, truth and love.
Serve and obey me so you’ll find life abundant.
I’ll give you shelter from life’s stormy weather.
All you must do is choose
Life over death.
House of the Lord (4X)
Enter through My door and know you are accepted.
Welcomed by My house of Lord, God, and Spirit.
You are designed to live One with My Father.
Claim all your blessings and live in the heavens.
All is prepared to live
life under grace.
As for me and my house
We choose the Lord.
All Rights Reserved.  Please ask permission to use any part of this post.  Thanks.

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