I’ve moved the instrumental to the top of my song page for this week’s letter D…find the link for a listen above by clicking My Song Page♫
Linking to Alphabe-Thursday Letter D

1. Am I
destined to be
Something I don’t wanna be?
Will I lead a life ordinare,
lost in all humanity?
Worse yet find myself so famous
I can’t find tranquility.
Best bet is to face the future
Rushing me so rapidly.
O who’s to say
Which path leads to my destiny?
And who’s to tell
Which horizon will catch my eye?
2. Are you
The one for me
Who I’ll trust implicitly?
Will we be the extraordinaire
Standing out with surety?
Planning, hoping, sharing, loving
Not just puppets on a string
Filling life with shiny moments
Destiny won’t leave a sting.
Are these random phases
Tied together, tell me what’s the case?
Who wants to be famous with their face?
Running all these races
Without knowing my own place. Am I
Wasting all my days
(Mixed at end)
All Rights Reserved.  Ask permission for any usage of this post, thanks.

2 comments on “Destiny

  1. I would love to hear your spoken word with these songs in the background, mixed in with the actual, more formally written songs. You are very talented, my dear, and I admire you. Amy

    • Thanks for your encouragement… Working on publishing a sci-fi book right now so my energies are focused there. Sorry it took so long to reply! After vacay, I’m still doing catch-up♫♪

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