Another choral piece, sung by daughter Angela

this is an entry for

Alphabe-Thursday Letter W


Is 30:21

Yahweh, your ways are so much higher…

1.Behold this is a day of the Lord.

This is the way, walk in it

Thus says the Lord (of Glory).

Magnificent, His name is uplifted for His glory.

Biblical works tell of His power and love story.



Your ways are so much higher.

Your way,

Leads us to your desire


Set all our hearts on fire.

You were first known as the Creator of the heavens

You reveal all of your glory, glory to us.

Your name shall be exalted whenever we come follow,



Show us all you require.

2. Acknowledge that you are serving the Lord.

He knows your path if you will

follow his word (of Glory).

His realm is vast and contains all of his love and glory.

He sent His son showing His power and love story.


You sent Christ as savior proving your love for mankind.

He revealed all of your glory, glory to us.

Jesus has praised and shown us how we should glorify you,



Show us all you require

Your Ways be our Ways and our Ways be blessed by you Lord.

Your Ways be our Ways and our Ways be

Your Way.

All Rights Reserved. Please ask permission for use of any part of this post, thanks.


6 comments on “Ways

  1. Sue Anderson says:

    Very nice. Thanks for sharing her music/words with us.


  2. createwithjoy says:

    I’m so delighted to meet you! Thanks for visiting me at Create With Joy – I not only hope you’ll join us for Wordless Wednesday, but you’d be a welcome guest at Inspire Me Monday and Friendship Friday as well!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

    Create With Joy

  3. Ellen says:


  4. Wow… Wonderful song by a Wonderful girl…

    Thanks for linking to the letter W.


  5. becky says:

    very nice (I’m a little late visiting from Jenny Matlock)

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