Time Change

Totally misread directions to tune into a webinar for new writers.  My confirmation e-mail informed me to tune in 1:30-2:30 EST and my brain saw it as 1:30 MY time, 2:30 EST so of course I missed it when I tuned in an hour late.
So I took a walk instead.  I’m thinking the time change this week-end seems early.  I’m not ready to give up that extra hour of sleep.  So this has me thinking, as I’m walking, about Time when Christ’s Kingdom is active on earth.  I just don’t think there will be time changes in this future Kingdom.  But there will have to be time zones, unless His Kingdom covers a very small area of the world.  I think the world will shift enough (be restored?) to accommodate very little seasonal changes.  I doubt that we’ll even have leap years.  I’m thinking that there will be physical changes in the earth’s orbit to even out the weather patterns, keep the temperature in a nice range worldwide, and address the pollution that’s been accumulating throughout mankind’s history.  Just something to think about as you set your clocks♫♪


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