Heartoon, the poem

On my door did love come knocking.

I am at the threshold.

I had not thought to go looking.

Here it came on tip-toe.

Harpooned with ol’ cupid’s arrow I feel slightly ambushed!

Heart is quaking, no mistaking, through the door I must be pushed.

Bounced around my heart can’t take it.

I must have a weak trick knee.

Looking into your eyes dancing,

I’m propelled to your arms free.

Heartoon is anticipating falling thru that manhole floor.

My advice is stop this waiting. Take my heart and write the score.

Heart is jelling, I am falling

Oh so hard for you boy.

Treat my feelings with compassion

It is not a boy toy.

I have taken cupid’s arrow and I’m standing at your door.

String the bow and aim at my heart. It is ready to hold more.

I have focused on not falling.

But I overstepped my role.

Into your arms I am swooning.

I have stepped thru the black hole.

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Hello world! Taking another leap…

I have decided my marketing strategy is similar to cooking pasta, throwing it out into the internet and seeing what sticks….I have a Twitter account https://twitter.com/#!/LMKazmierczak, I have a Face Book page https://www.facebook.com/pages/Ordinary-Words/152890348160541 besides my personal Timeline, my songs web page http://lkazmierczak.biz/songs, and I’m a member of LinkedIn . Plus this WordPress Blog and a Blogspot Blog…http://lmkazmierczak.blogspot.com/. I am meeting all sorts of new authors and gleaning all sorts of advice. I think I’ve sold one book.